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Postdoc position in Amphibian Disease Ecology & Immunogenetics






We are seeking for a postdoctoral researcher in amphibian disease ecology, evolution, and immunogenetics to work in the Genomics and Experimental Evolution group at the Institute of Environmental Sciences, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland. The position is part of the National Science Centre (NCN) grant “The role of blood parasites in emerging disease dynamics and biodiversity loss in amphibians”.

Background. Understanding interactions between pathogens and between pathogens and hosts is essential to infer the evolution of disease dynamics, host immunity, and pathogen virulence. Such knowledge is crucial in endangered taxa such as amphibians, where emerging infectious diseases play a major role in their dramatic decline. In this project, we propose to assess the role of hematic parasites in the dynamics of emerging diseases and the impact on the host immune system (in particular MHC genes).

Job description. The postdoc will contribute to the following aims of the project: i) to discover the interactions between hematic and emerging pathogens; ii) to assess the adaptive potential of amphibians to respond to pathogen threats in infected populations; iii) to investigate the potential relationship between parasite infections and MHC diversity. The position will involve bioinformatics and statistical modelling. (S)he will work together with the PI and other team members, including a network of international collaborators.

Requirements. The suitable candidate will have a PhD degree obtained no earlier than in 2017 (extensions for parental leave apply), be fluent in English and have a strong interest in disease ecology and evolutionary biology. The candidate should have experience in bioinformatic analysis of NGS, mixed models, and MHC diversity; a background in blood parasites or emerging amphibian diseases will be an advantage. Employment: full-time research for two years. Salary: approx. 7800 PLN gross (before tax, including benefits).

How to apply. The application (one single pdf file) should include: cover letter, CV with the list of publications, contact details of two referees and a scan of the PhD certificate. Please send the application by e-mail to: by 30 October 2023 at the latest. Selected candidates will be invited for live or Skype interviews. Preferred starting date December 2023.