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Group seminars

Group Seminars take place on Thursdays at 2:30 PM in room 1.1.2 (Institute of Environmental Sciences, ul. Gronostajowa 7)


In Polish:

Basics of bioinformatics (WBNZ-936 sylabus w USOS)

Biochemical and Molecular Techniqes in Ecology (WBNZ-839 sylabus w USOS)

Comparative Genomics (WBT-BINF2-2.3 sylabus w USOS)

Evolutionary Biology (WBT-BCH515 sylabus w USOS)

Ethology (WBNZ-829 sylabus w USOS)

Origin and Evolution of Life (WBT-BFMK3.7 sylabus w USOS)

Outline of evolutionism (WBT-BT371 sylabus w USOS)

Population Genetics (WBNZ-708 sylabus w USOS)


In English:

Conservation genetics (WB.INS.P-40 sylabus w USOS)

Introduction to R (WB.INS-53 sylabus w USOS)

Molecular Ecology (WB.INS-27 sylabus w USOS)

Molecular Ecology for PhD Students (WB.SDSP.B/PhD-1 sylabus w USOS)

Practical Computing for Biologists - a gentle introduction (WBNZ-012 sylabus w USOS)