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Dr hab. Krystyna Nadachowska-Brzyska



I am an evolutionary biologist particularly interested in understanding processes that shape genetic variation ​within natural  populations. I have been working on diverse evolutionary biology topics including speciation with gene-flow in amphibians and birds, variation of major histocompatibility genes in several newt species, historical effective population size changes and its relationship to glaciation events in birds or selection on sex chromosomes and influence of statistical phasing on selection inference. Currently, I investigate the influence of  extreme fluctuations in population size of outbreaking species on the dynamics of neutral and adaptive genetic variation. In my research I use genome-wide datasets and novel analytical approaches and  pay special attention to the influence of data quality on the inference processes. 

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Current projects:

“Genomics of population outbreaks in an emerging model system – neutral and adaptive evolution in the spruce bark beetle”, funded by the Polish National Science Centre (NCN) SONATA BIS grant. More information can be found at

Short CV:

  • 2011 - PhD in Biology, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Jagiellonian University
  • 2011-2013 - Postdoc, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • 2013-2020 - Researcher, Uppsala University, Sweden