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The lab is available for the employees and PhD students of the Institute of Environmental Sciences and their collaborators.  The following techniques/applications are available in the lab:

  • Extraction, purification, quantification and quality assessment of DNA and RNA,
  • PCR, real-time (quantitative) PCR,
  • Sanger sequencing,
  • Illumina sequencing,
  • Gel electrophoresis,
  • Microsatellite genotyping,
  • AFLP genotyping,
  • SSCP,
  • Cloning,
  • Illumina MiSeq sequencing,
  • Construction of genomic and amplicon libraries: TruSeq, Nextera and others,
  • Construction of RNAseq libraries,
  • targeted resequencing: Sequence Capture and Molecular Inversion Probes.