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Dr Magdalena Migalska

Room: 2.2.5

e-mail: magda.migalska (at) 

phone: +48 12 664 6876            




I am interested in evolution of the vertebrate immune system and co-evolution between hosts and pathogens. A recurring theme in my work is Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) – group of molecules encoded by extremely polymorphic genes, central for the molecular-level self/non-self recognition and  initiation of the adaptive immune response in vertebrates. They are the most widely studied genes that engage in the co-evolutionary dynamics between vertebrate hosts and parasites.

Currently, my main project focuses on trade-offs containing within-individual MHC gene number expansion. In my work, I combine immunological methods (such as immunocytochemistry and flow cytometry) with advanced genetic methods
of next-generation, high-throughput amplicon sequencing and sophisticated, bioinformatic
analysis of acquired data. 



Research profile and CV: